On the Road Again

We had another good weekend and enjoyed the great crowds in Rome, GA on Friday, March 17th, and then in Walhalla, SC on Saturday, March 18th.  In Rome, GA, the sound engineer had a technical issue with the soundboard which meant that at the very last minute, we had to...

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Favorite Things To Do

Many of you know when I’m not onstage, I can be found in my shop, working on cars or trucks.  When I’m not singing, it’s what I love to do. I find it relaxing.   My son, Gary Wayne, and I share this hobby and we enjoy working together on projects. Below are some...

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Tearing It Down in Texas

We had a big night at The Post OG in Orange Grove, TX March 3rd.  We love a real country music-lovin’ crowd and we had one there.  We try to play as many of your favorites as we can in the time we’re permitted onstage and I sure hope you go home satisfied. I know we...

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