Gene’s Winter Wonderland in Texas

When I was growing up in Texas, we weren’t exactly living in the suburbs, so there was no Christmas caroling and we were poor as church mice so we didn’t have any store-bought sleds - but of course, we would hear some Christmas music on the radio and enjoy it.  One of...

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“Any Way You Want Me” – “Any Which Way You Can”

I recently mentioned on Facebook that it was on November 17, 1980, that Warner Brothers Records released the Clint Eastwood movie soundtrack for “Any Which Way You Can,” which has my song on it, “Any Way You Want Me.”  Here’s more of that story.   I was very honored...

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Thankful for You

I want to send my heartfelt thanks to all my fans for standing by me this year as I’ve been battling a heavy dose of bronchitis these last few months. No one has wished more than me that we could get to your city and sing for you.  The good news is that I’m definitely...

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