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Country Legend Gene Watson January 2014

Hello Friends-  are you surviving this winter chill that has set in on so much of the country??  Not easy for us Houston folks who travel a lot because I hate to rub it in, but it’s pretty mild most of the time where I live. But right now I’m in Nashville and it’s colder than a…well let’s just say it is cold!   About now, I’m looking forward to cruising with the Larry’s Country Diner crew . We’ll be headed toward the Eastern Caribbean with stops at a private island, then St. Thomas and St. Maartan.   I can’t wait to warm up.  Rhonda Vincent’s on this trip and last year she was jammin’ bluegrass/country style every night.  Rhonda could outlast the Energizer Bunny any day of the week!  I know if she does that again on this trip it will be a huge treat for the fans.  For those that can’t join us on the February cruise, we’ll take lots of photos for you and share here so check back later on.  Meanwhile, you stay warm if you’re in the arctic blast or just think about moving to Texas!     All the best,  Gene



final show 1 A.jpggw and RV perform gospel song on Diner


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January 2013 Gene Watson World

Hi Friends –    Been up in Nashville this week finding out what the word winter means.  We don’t get it quite that cold in Houston.  But just like life , we have to have the lows to fully appreciate the good times and good weather.   I sure did enjoy singing on the Eddie Stubbs tribute this week.  Loved hearing all the great talent and catching up backstage with folks I don’t usually get to spend much time with. Enjoyed visiting a long time with Ray Price and with Ricky Skaggs and Duane Allen.  Also talked with Josh Turner, Ronnie Bowman, Jean Shepherd, Shawn Camp, Bill Anderson, Cheryl and Buck White, Bill Cody and all the great musicians that were led by Jimmy Capps and his lovely wife, Michele (who sang harmony ).

Now about to get on the Country Family Reunion cruise and head to the Western Caribbean!  Please don’t let there be any cold weather there. We stop in Belize and Cozumel.  Oddly enough my cousin, Drop, and his wife are on another cruise but will be in Cozumel at the exact same time so I hope to meet up for lunch with them.  Drop is a great guitar player and was in my band for awhile, then had his own band and now is back helping me out on the road.  If you see him at the show, be sure to say hello to him.    Rhonda Vincent and I are going to do a couple of duets on the cruise (see photo below ) .  Rhonda’s such a character – no telling what she’ll do on this show. Not to mention what a great vocalist she is.  I have to stay on my toes to keep up with her.

I was just talking to someone about these huge cruise ships. They’re like a floating city with a “main street” and shops on both sides of the “street”.  They’ve got little cafes and a pub.  Then there’s a library, a casino, a full spa and a variety of  clubs for all types of musical tastes.  Our group will take over the big theater for our shows.  If you’re not able to make it on this one, I’ll take a lot of pictures for the newsletter which my office tells me should be go out around the first of February.

Stay in touch and I’ll be back here after the cruise with some cruise stories and photos.    Til then,  Genegene - rhonda photo credit -Micah Henry, The Taylorsville Times

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Gene Watson Newsletter for November-December 2012

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!      Just click the link below to read the latest news on Gene Watson!

GW FINAL Newsletter Nov Dec 2012

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Gene Celebrates His Birthday at Country Family Reunion

Hi Friends,   I’m taking a short break from the taping at Country Family Reunion to write to you.  We’re doing an “Opry Tribute” theme and I know you’re going to love it.   It happens to be my birthday and everyone here surprised me with a big cake!  You haven’t celebrated til you’ve had T. Graham Brown, Jeannie Seely, Riders In the Sky, John Conlee, Jim Ed Brown, Jean Shepherd and so many more all sing “Happy Birthday” to you.  Thank you Larry Black and all the good people at Country Family Reunion for making my birthday extra special.  Sure was a surprise to me!    I also want to thank all of my great fans that sent me birthday cards and other fun things. I really appreciate that.  Every year it means more and more to me .   Thanks to Sean Brady for all he does and to Sally Bedow for her help and to Raymond Glenn in Ireland for starting the forum.   All of you are a great blessing to me.   Sorry I have to make this short, gotta run back and tape some more . I’m singing two songs on the show today!    Better get back to it but thank you again for making my birthday extra special!     Gene

Blowing out the candles. Is the cake on fire??

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Gene Watson on the Grand Ole Opry and Country Family Reunion

Hi Friends, I’m in Nashville this week to do some business as well as perform on the Grand Ole Opry on Tuesday night (October 9th).  I sure hope if you’re anywhere nearby you can come on out to the Opry house and see the show. Going to be fun with some great acts like Ms. Connie Smith, Pam Tillis, Aaron Tippin and more.  On Thursday I’ll be taping a brand new version of Country Family Reunion and I was told the “theme” for this show will be stories about the Opry.  I always look forward to those shows since I get to visit with so many old friends and hear some really funny stories.  Not to mention hearing my favorite kind of music – real, honest to goodness country.   I’m sure all the other artists are as thankful as I am that Mr. Larry Black has continued to bring fans of country music these great shows.  I don’t know yet when this one we’re taping Thursday will air  on RFD-TV,  but I’ll be sure to ask when I’m there and I”ll let you know what I find out.    One thing I do know, it sure turned cold on us.  It’s chilly up here in Nashville!  But I don’t mind that actually and I hope wherever you are, the weather is good for you.   Stay in touch.  Email me at  .  Take care, Gene

Backstage at a Country Family Reunion taping with Vince Gill, T.Graham Brown and Con Hunley

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