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Gene Watson’s Valentine’s Day Newsletter

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Jan Feb 14 Newsletter

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ANSWERS to Gene Watson Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Answers FINALIf you haven’t worked on the crossword puzzle yet , just scroll down to find that below.

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July Aug 2013 GW Newsletter

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April 30th 2012

Hi Friends-  The Farewell Party Band and I to three Texas shows this weekend and had a great time visiting with all the fans that were there.  Nothing makes us happier than seeing a friendly face on the road.  This picture below was taken at Cuero, TX.   Hard to believe we’re kicking into May already.  Seems like I just took down the Christmas lights. Don’t you remember when we were kids that time ticked by a whole lot slower? I couldn’t wait for a school day to be over and now it seems the hours fly by every day.     Coming up in June I’m going to be back in Nashville for a few CMA Music Fest events.  One is the CMA Global Party that takes place Monday, June 4th.  It’s for international acts and I hear Emerson Drive (from Canada) will perform and a bunch of  others. I’ll be singing a song or two as a guest of Lisa McHugh of Ireland.  On Wednesday June 6, I’ll sing a couple of songs for Billy Yates’ show called the Countriest of the Country. Billy holds that show at the Ernest Tubb Theater by Opryland and you can find out more here:        Couple of other shows that week are still to be announced but if you’re planning to come to Nashville for CMA Music Fest in June, check back here and there will be more information for you I’m sure.     Til next time, please take care and I’ll see you on the road,   Gene

Cuero Texas show April 28, 2012

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Finally Friday 2-24-12

Hey Friends-    In Florida for weekend shows and it’s nice to have the warm weather. I hope you’re going to have a good weekend. I hear from folks all over the USA that this has been one of the mildest winters ever for them.  That’s just fine with me to skip the ice and snow.  When you’re out on a tour bus, ice is not your friend.

I’m really happy that so many of you have told me how much you’re enjoying the new Greatest Hits CD.  Dirk Johnson , my producer, and I put in some blood, sweat and tears trying to get that as much like the originals as possible so I love hearing you like it.  You know it’s funny but I kind of think I’ve got a keen sense of hearing and I was totally shocked one day when we were listening to music – I swore up and down that we were all listening to the ORIGINAL hit but nope , they proved to me it was the re-made version of it.  I guess if I can’t tell the difference, that’s a good sign we did a good job on the re-make :)     Going to check out the Daytona 500 and I’m pulling for Carl Edwards who looks like he’s got a good shot at winning. Never can tell on that track but I’m a NASCAR fan so this is a big weekend .    Take care and come on out to one of the shows.    Talk to you again right here soon,   Gene

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