Let GENE WATSON warm up your February!

Hi Friends-  Lots of us still seem to be suffering through what I guess may turn out to be the coldest winter in the United States or close to.  The band and I have seen our fair share of snow and ice right where we live in normally, sunny Texas!  But just like the mailman,  we’ll still be making our way to your city come hail or snow, rain or dark of night (or however that old slogan goes).  We may be more like the Turtle than the Hare but trust me, we will get there!   One good thing is that February is a short month and it’s punctuated right in the middle with a warm and fuzzy holiday – Valentine’s Day!  You may want to play your sweetie a few of our old songs like “Love in The Hot Afternoon” or “Speak Softly (You’re Talking To My Heart)” or maybe “This Dream’s On Me”.    Under no circumstances would I advise you to croon “Got No Reason Now For Going Home”  or “What She Don’t Know Won’t Hurt Her”.   Whatever your situation, I hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day !

All the best to you,  GeneGENEValentine Day2013

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  • heilbama

    ‘What She Don’t Know’ is one of my favorite songs! Being a female who has had that happen though…I’d like to write an answer song to it…

    When I didn’t know it, it didn’t hurt me,
    but he soon learned what a pain I could be. Hah!

    God bless, stay safe and chew a low-dose aspirin every day. (Because I said so, that’s why.) xox