Country Legend Gene Watson January 2014

Hello Friends-  are you surviving this winter chill that has set in on so much of the country??  Not easy for us Houston folks who travel a lot because I hate to rub it in, but it’s pretty mild most of the time where I live. But right now I’m in Nashville and it’s colder than a…well let’s just say it is cold!   About now, I’m looking forward to cruising with the Larry’s Country Diner crew . We’ll be headed toward the Eastern Caribbean with stops at a private island, then St. Thomas and St. Maartan.   I can’t wait to warm up.  Rhonda Vincent’s on this trip and last year she was jammin’ bluegrass/country style every night.  Rhonda could outlast the Energizer Bunny any day of the week!  I know if she does that again on this trip it will be a huge treat for the fans.  For those that can’t join us on the February cruise, we’ll take lots of photos for you and share here so check back later on.  Meanwhile, you stay warm if you’re in the arctic blast or just think about moving to Texas!     All the best,  Gene



final show 1 A.jpggw and RV perform gospel song on Diner


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  • Hfelknor

    No question that Witches and Well diggers are a bit chilly up north this year. All the moire reason for folks to go watch a hot show.

  • heilbama

    Brass monkeys notwithstanding, sure hope to see you perform in Ohio. God bless…